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Collage: When a Single Photograph Just Isn't Enough

Collage Packages

Pricing for collage prints varies based on the size of the collages. Pricing details and information about the number of recommended photos for each collage size can be found in the table below:

Size Recommended Number of Images Price
5X7 This size frame will accommodate 2 to 3 pictures. $40
8X10 This size frame will accommodate 3 to 5 pictures. $50
11X14 This size frame will accommodate 4 to 6 pictures. $75
12X24 This size frame will accommodate 5 to 8 pictures. $105
20X24 This size frame will accommodate 6 to 10 pictures. $130

Small sizes (5X7 or 8X10) are ideal for collages you plan to display in a desk or box frame.  For wall collages, we recommend ordering in 11X14 or larger.  Additional sizes are available upon request.

Holiday Cards

It's not too early to be thinking about your Holiday Greeting Cards. Michelle Deemer Photography can capture the exact feeling you want to share with loved ones on your schedule, your place, and your pace. Our digital packages are ideal for:

  • Christmas Cards
  • Holiday Party Invitations
  • Holiday letters that keep your loved ones up to date.

By combining our digital packes with a collage you can create the perfect message for loved ones. Hurry, end of year dates are already booking up.