Welcome to Michelle Deemer Photography!  I hope you will take some time to look at the site and become familiar with my work.  Lifestyle photography—a style that involves taking pictures in the location of your choice, at the time of your choosing and at your pace—is my very favorite style of photography.  I love to capture the special moments in my clients’ lives and relationships, and I would love to do that very thing for you!

You can see a great deal of my work on the portfolio and gallery pages, but I will be using this page to tell the stories of my photos.  To begin, this is me, or rather, this is what I would look like to you if you invite me to take your photograph:

That's me behind the lens

I’m kidding, of course. This is what I really look like (photo credit to the talented and lovely Sarah Hall Photo):

Michelle Deemer

I fell in love with photography shortly after I met one of the other loves of my life, my oldest son, Nate.  When he was six months old, my hubby bought me my first “real” camera, and I fell hook, line and sinker into a hobby that quickly bloomed into a small side business.  Now, after three years of practicing (I average more than 10,000 personal photographs per year, in addition to the thousands I take for my clients), I’m ready to move my business from the “friends and family” referral stage to a more professional business.  I’m very excited about this new phase of my business, and I can’t wait to meet you, my potential clients.


So thank you for joining me!  Before signing off, I leave you with one final picture of my family (Photo credit once again to the lovely and talented Sarah Hall Photo).

The Deemers