Questions to ask your photographer before your session

You’ve decided to hire a photographer. Perhaps you are about to get married or have a baby. Maybe you just want to capture your growing family or maybe you need professional headshots. Regardless, you’ve decided that selfies and photos taken by your smartphone just aren’t cutting it anymore.

So you find a photographer whose work you just love, and you call him or her and make an appointment. The photographer asks you some questions about what style of photos you want, who will be in the photos, where you would like to take them and what outfit changes you might like. But after you hang up from your initial consult with the photographer, you still feel a little nervous. Here are five questions that you should ask your photographer:

  1. How long will the session last? There is usually a time limit (and for photos of children, that time can fly, so it’s good to know that in advance.) A good photographer will manage the session time well, but it may be helpful for you to keep in mind as the session progresses. This question applies to wedding photography as well—make sure you find out how many hours your photographer will dedicate to you on your wedding day.
  2. Can I bring a favorite prop or other item to include in the photos? The answer will usually be yes, but it’s better to tell a photographer in advance that you plan to bring a prop, especially if it is large or unusual.
  3. How soon will I be able to review the images? How will I review them? Many photographers will have some sample images for you to review first, followed by the full album at a later time.
  4. What will happen to the images after I complete my purchase? How long will you store the images?
  5. What if the session just doesn’t go well? This applies mostly to photographers who capture images of children and families. If you arrive for your shoot and little Bobby refuses to let you put him down, or little Suzy just will not smile, what will your photographer do? Most photographers have lots of tricks to make a session successful, but sometimes, it just doesn’t go as planned. Find out in advance how the photographer will handle that situation.

Of course, you will have other questions for different types of photo shoots. For your wedding, you should discuss a “must have” shot list. For corporate headshots, you should discuss style in detail–the corporate headshot that you submit to a professional publication may be different from the one that you post to the company’s website, for example.

Regardless of the reason for our photo shoot, it is important to ask questions early and often. After all, the better your photographer knows you, the more your photographs will reflect your wishes!

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