What Should I Wear?

One of the most common questions I receive shortly after scheduling a photo shoot is “what should I wear to the shoot?”   While there are certain things that you can wear that make my life easier or harder as your photographer, I really don’t have a strong preference as to what you wear.  My simple answer is this:

Wear whatever will make you most comfortable.

No, really. I used to spend a lot of time thinking about what to tell people to wear to shoots, until a personal experience with a photographer changed my opinion of the whole thing.  You see, when my son Michael was born, the hospital photographer insisted that I pose with him for a few shots.  At the time, I was two days post c-section.  I was wearing one of my husband’s shirts and my most stretched-out pair of yoga pants.  The shirt even had an ugly red logo.  I hadn’t washed my hair in two days, and I just felt generally gross for all of the reasons women feel generally gross after having a baby.  I also knew, however, that as the family photographer, there just weren’t nearly as many pictures of ME with my baby as I would like.  So I said, “what the heck!” and let her take a few.  I’m so glad I did, too, because I love those pictures! (I’m not posting them here because they are not my images and I don’t have express written permission from the photographer to share them.  Trust me, though, they are great!)

Ever since, the only instruction I’ve given my photo clients is to wear what will make them comfortable.  If they ask about colors that go together, I’ll tell them.  Of course, I would prefer if you don’t wear clashing, obnoxious, busy patterns.  And yes, it’s cute when a brother-sister pair matches like these two:

But it’s not necessary

I have plenty of equally precious photos of this father-daughter pair who didn’t match at all.

Or this mother with her baby girl, who had on no makeup and a simple white t-shirt when we did these photos.

Like the hospital photographer who captured my precious moment, I insisted she participate in the photos, even though she hadn’t planned on it.   The bottom line is this: if you’re comfortable, your expression will be more natural.  If your expression is natural, I can make the picture work, regardless of what you’re wearing.

So don’t worry about what to wear.  Just wear what makes you comfortable.  I’ll figure out the rest.

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