My Favorite Kinds of Photos

My favorite kinds of photos are the ones that tell stories.  I hate posed photos of children smiling, but I LOVE photos of children running and laughing.  Show me a picture of a happy, engaged couple looking at each other, and I get goosebumps!

Show me the same couple posing and looking at the camera, and I don’t care how beautiful they are, the picture seems just “okay” to me.

My love for photography really began when I took this picture of my son, Nate.

I had been taking tons of pictures of Nate, and he had been mostly playing quietly with the ball.  Then, he looked up and made this face, and I just loved it.   Looking back, it’s not a particularly good picture technically.  There’s a lot of headroom above him, and his eyes are ever so slightly out of focus, but I love it nonetheless.   I took it with a point and shoot (and truthfully, not even a halfway decent point and shoot) in November of 2009.

You see, before this point, I had taken thousands of pictures of Nate, but I hadn’t really given much thought to how to compose the shot and what to capture with the click of the shutter.  I took television production classes in college, so I knew the basics of accurately framing a shot, using leading lines and following the rule of thirds.  But it wasn’t until I had a subject that I wanted to photograph every single day that I realized the power of a decent camera and some basic photography knowledge.

Over the years, I’ve taken more and more posed photos of Nate (and his brother, Michael), and after years of practice, I can now get a technically accurate posed shot of him (despite the fact that he RUNS from the camera many times!).  But for the most part, my favorite pictures, even from our “posed” sessions, are the ones in which he is laughing or looking somewhere other than right at the camera.

That approach is the heart of my style.  I want to capture moments and emotions, snapshots in time of the way you or your child really were, not just how they looked.

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